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Engineering and outsourcing for all technology sectors. We have developed solutions for well-known organisations with over 100 experts from all over the world. Our expertise are aeronautics, vehicle-, machine- and shipbuilding, as well as crane-construction and metal engineering. We look forward to discussing your needs, regardless whether it be about shortening development phases or strengthening your personnel competencies and capacity. Take advantage of 40 years of experience and wide-reaching expertise.

Overview of Services:


The acoustics in your room or vehicle is non-satisfying? The speech intelligibility in buildings such as schools or railway stations and in offices is insufficient?
Suitable simulation techniques and measurements are our methods in order to solve your problem. We detect disturbing sources and provide consulting service concerning room acoustics and sound reinforcement systems.

Noise emissions exceed the specified limits of your technical facilities? Vibrations reduce the durability of your products or lead to non-compliance with comfort requirements?
We develop measures to reduce noise and vibrations using suitable analysis and simulation methods of structural dynamics and vibroacoustics.

Additive Engineering – ALM and 3D Printing

Lightweight parts, functional parts, fast prototyping, complex– and not feasible constructions in conventional ways… these are just some of the advantages of 3D Printing. Our engineers are experienced with additive engineering and also the additive manufacturing. We support you through the complete value chain of 3D Printing – beginning with the idea up to the final first prototype, and also serial parts. Together with our partners, we have access to more than 10 professional metal-3D-Printers. You want to learn more about Additive Manufacturing? Then visit Bionic Studio!

Steel Work

We are passionate about steel. Whether you need support in structural calculations or design – we have already carried out many projects for well-known companies and we would be pleased to support you with your goals. Our engineers work for you in the development of halls, industrial buildings or crane design. We design and calculate custom-made steel structures and offer uncomplicated technical support during transport and assembly. Our engineers have many years of experience in the field of steel design and are glad to offer their expertise. We consider ourselves as a service provider who does not think from project to project but who adapts to your working style and needs and offers fast and flexible support.

Structure Calculation & Testing

All components have to withstand their loads permanently
Using well-known formulas and state-of-the-art software, we are able calculate and certify simple and complex components. We would be glad to support you with strength and dynamic analysis of metal and composite structures, fatigue and crack propagation analysis and the dimensioning and optimization of components.

The whole package
In addition to the calculations other activities are required to dimension or certify a product. These are for example tests, development of methods and tools, manufacturing of prototypes, flow simulation and the design. Also in these fields we can look back on 40 years of long-lasting experience and interdisciplinary expertise.

Cabin Solutions

The cabin is a complex structure
With extensive experience in static and dynamic loaded monuments (Linings, Galleys, Lavatories, Stowages, Seats…) and cargo items we support supplier for the development and certification of tailored solution. You can benefit from our the experience, the awareness of regulations, relevant design principles, methods and manufacturing capabilities.

Proof by tests
If you need test activities for your engineering or your certification process, we are able to provide you fast and simple solutions for test campaigns. Furthermore we support you with test preparations, test set-ups and test evaluation.

Scientific Computing

Do you work in the field of science and technology and need support in software development? Contact us – scientific programming is our strength. Our knowledge of engineering, IT and science enables us to quickly understand your task and deliver solutions. We have many years of experience in various fields and industries, such as aerospace, steel design, structural analysis and Noise & Vibration. We have already developed software for predicting language perception in aircrafts or created a tool for static strength justification of composite materials. We create software from scratch or support you in the further development of your already existing tools.

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Volker Galla

Member of Management Board / CTO

  +49 (0)40 4130 759 – 33

Northern Region:

Heinkel Engineering GmbH & Co. KG
Heinkel Services GmbH

Hein-Saß-Weg 30
21129 Hamburg

  +49 (0)40 4130 759 – 0

Heinkel Engineering – spanning nationally across all regions
Well-known companies rely on Heinkel Group’s competencies across technical specialisations as diverse as the automotive industry, aeronautics, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, crane building as well as metal engineering. We make engineering experts available quickly to ensure your projects are a success. Our specialists support projects from idea stage through to product manufacturing – including static and dynamic evaluations, acoustics, construction, documentation, 3-D printing and scientific programming. Heinkel Groups technical knowledge and over 40 years experience is available for you to capitalise on.

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