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Meeting with the Member of Parliament Christoph de Vries (CDU) from Hamburg-Mitte


The member of the Bundestag Christoph de Vries (CDU) from Hamburg-Mitte took more than two and a half hours to talk to the four entrepreneurs Lars Reeder (Hein & Oetting), Jan Heinze (Heinze Academy), Martin Kroell (Autoflug) and Tom Heinkel (Heinkel Group/Brainseeker) in the Satellite Office at Neuer Wall with a wonderfull Alster view. After all, the four internationally active companies from Rellingen to Rahlstedt together employ more than 500 people and are in total way over 200 years old.
The companies‘ products and services are very different. A colourful bouquet of flowers on topics was bound and presented to the member of the Bundestag, without the expectation of getting everything answered.

One of the main topics was aviation in the Hamburg metropolitan region and the situation of the economy in Hamburg-Finkenwerder.
All in all, everyone agreed that we are happy to be able to live and work in Germany in these times, but that there is especially in the area of bureaucracy reduction and digitalisation big room for improvement.

The great wish in this context is that business, politics and authorities exchange information more intensively than in the past and learn from each other.
The great experience that Mr. de Vries gained in the district assembly, the citizenship and now in the Bundestag was clearly noticeable. Many topics of the BDLI members were presented. From FCAS to Lufo, from AÜG to the lack of cooperation between Hamburg and the the bordering federal states in adult education.
In the end, the „Chancellor’s question“ could be clarified and answered.

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